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VITIS Orthodontic Wax

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VITIS Orthodontic Wax (25035) VITIS Orthodontic Wax (25035) Ref: ODVA009

Offers protection against pain caused by braces or orther orthodontic appliances. Protects against catching and rubbing caused by appliances.



MULTIBUY x6 - VITIS Orthodontic Wax (25035) MULTIBUY x6 - VITIS Orthodontic Wax (25035) Ref: ODVA009MB

MULTIBUY = 6 Packs
Normal Price: £22.74
Multibuy Price: £21.95
Postage Saving: £3.49
Total Saving: £4.28



VITIS Orthodontic Wax

VITIS Orthodontic Wax offers protection against pain caused by braces or other orthodontic appliances.

• Protects gums against rubbing caused by orthodontic appliances

• Works as a protective layer to prevent irritation and rubbing from orthodontic appliances

VITIS Orthodontic Wax is intended for application to orthodontic appliances that protrude from teeth (brackets, archwires or metallic bands) and that can therefore cause sores from rubbing against the tongue or internal cheek surfaces. The wax works by forming a thin protective layer to prevent the appearance of lesions.

Directions for Use:

Break off a piece of wax big enough to cover the surface of your bracket or wire. Soften wax by rolling it between your fingers for a few seconds. Dry the area to be covered before applying the wax. Press wax gently into the bracket or wire to ensure a strong adhesion.


Petroleum Hidrocarbon, Paraffin.

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