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SilverCare Baby Toothbrush

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SilverCare Baby Toothbrush 6-24 Months SilverCare Baby Toothbrush 6-24 Months Ref: TBSC005

Baby Toothbrush that utilises the natural antibacterial properties of pure silver. 6-24 months.


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MULTIBUY x6 - SilverCare Baby Toothbrush 6-24 Months MULTIBUY x6 - SilverCare Baby Toothbrush 6-24 Months Ref: TBSC005MB

MULTIBUY = 6 Brushes
Normal Price: £17.70
Multibuy Price: £16.75
Save: £0.95 and FREE DELIVERY!



SilverCare Baby Toothbrush 6-24 Months

The new SilverCare toothbrush range from Simply Vital are unique toothbrushes whose silver-plated heads (0.015g per head) have normal bristles inserted into them. When the head comes into contact with water it releases biologically active silver ions that cause damage to key enzymes in the cell membranes of pathogens, causing them to become unstable and break apart. This anti-bacterial and self-sanitising process is totally natural and continuous.

The soft massaging bristles with end rounding are specifically indicated for delicate gums. The non-slip handle is ideal for a parents grip in order to delicately brush baby's first teeth.

really bad headaches which make him need to lie in a dark room. He takes ibuprofen and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. His doc has washed his hands of him pretty much. The headaches have been all over his head but lately they are focused on his right temple, right eye and down the right side of neck. He has had a lumber puncture and MRI scan but both have done nothing. He was put on anti-depressants to reduce tension but again they did nothing. I wouldn't ask but he is really being driven up the wall by these headaches!

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