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Gengigel Gel 20ml

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Gengigel Gel 20ml Gengigel Gel 20ml Ref: SNGG001B

Gengigel helps to combat bleeding gums, sore or damaged tissue and tooth extraction sites.



MULTIBUY x6 - Gengigel Gel 20ml MULTIBUY x6 - Gengigel Gel 20ml Ref: SNGG001MB

MULTIBUY = 6 Packs
Normal Price: £41.34
Multibuy Price: £38.00
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Gengigel Gel 20ml

Gengigel Gel is a natural and gentle treatment for the symptoms of gum irritation and Gingivitis.

• Gengigel contains the natural, active ingredient Hyaluronan.
• Gengigel helps to combat bleeding gums, sore or damaged tissue & tooth extraction sites.
• The cooling gel helps to soothe inflammation and speed up the healing process.
• It can be used long term to maintain good oral hygiene.
• 20ml squeezy tube with nozzle.

After tooth decay, the second most frequent disorder within the mouth is inflammation of the gingiva (gums) and the periodontium (the tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth). Gum disease is often not diagnosed early enough because, in contrast to tooth decay, tooth ache and pain do not occur so early. Experts estimate that 95% of adults in the UK suffer from some form of gum disease, but only 10% have serious problems.

Hyaluronic acid, the active agent in Gengigel, has been used for years by doctors to boost regrowth of connective tissue throughout the body. Applying hylauronic acid as a gel or mouth rinse strengthens cell walls and gets cells to stick together. The tissue grows back faster, while being able to resist re-infection.

Gengigel can be used to assist with the treatment of the following: Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Receding Gums, Aphthous Ulcers, Lichen Planus and after oral surgery.


Ingredients per 100g: Hyaluronan 200mg, Xylitol, Excipients (An easily absorbed carrier).

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